Creative Movement Studio

At our studio at Crosstown Concourse, Church Health offers: 

  • Yoga for all ages and abilities,
  • Stott™ Pilates,
  • Children’s dance, including ballet, creative movement and classes you and your toddler can take together.

About the Creative Movement Studio

Classes for all ages take place each week in the Church Health Creative Movement Studio. Training is offered for all in dance, yoga and Stott™ Pilates. Our instructors have extensive training and experience in dance & movement, and they look forward to teaching you.

The Creative Movement Studio is located on the second floor of Crosstown Concourse, Central Atrium, next to FocalPoint.

Policies for Participants

Dress Code

For everyone’s safety, all students must be properly attired upon entering and leaving the studio. Street clothes must be worn over dance clothes. No jewelry, oversize t-shirts, or baggy pants allowed. If you wear a leotard and tights, please refrain from wearing underpants with it. Please secure hair away from the face.

  • Adults should wear comfortable clothes that allow freedom of movement such as leotards, tights, leggings, pants, shorts and fitted shirts.
  • Girls may wear a leotard, tights, leggings or fitted t-shirts and shorts.
  • Boys may wear solid colored shorts or sweat pants and a fitted t-shirt.
Attendance and Participation Policy

All students are expected to attend class regularly and on time. Out of respect for the instructor and in order to develop a sense of discipline, please be prompt in arriving for your class. Students arriving more than 10 minutes late are welcome to observe, but they may not actively participate in that day’s class. If constant tardiness is an issue your teacher will address it with you. Make-up classes must be completed during the session in which the student is enrolled. You may not make-up in the next session of classes.

Class Placement

If you are enrolling your child, enroll them in the class that matches their age at the start of the session.

Inclement Weather Policy

If Shelby County Schools are closed due to bad weather, all classes are canceled for that day for your safety.


If you are planning on exercising at the Church Health YMCA in addition to your class, please make sure to wear appropriate attire that adheres to the Church Health YMCA Dress Code.

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