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Apr 10, 2017 | Dr. Scott Morris, Health in Real Life, Healthcare

At 7:45 last Thursday, I walked into Church Health’s first floor clinic space at Crosstown Concourse.

I saw all the faces I am used to seeing. Karen, my medical assistant, said the first patient was ready. We started up exactly where we had left off at Peabody. It was all so normal.


But that normal took a lot of work. Thousands of hours of planning. Six years of working to get it right, and it certainly seems like we got it right.

The first patient I saw was a young woman who had been suffering from a severe headache for six weeks. There are things about it that seemed to be more than just a normal headache, so I order a CT scan. Hopefully it will not show anything but the process worked just fine.

I asked my new patient if she had had any problems finding us at out new clinic at Crosstown Concourse.

“No, it was easy.” Music to my ears.

The last patient was 53 years old. It was painful to watch her walk. She works as a nurse’s assistant, and for two years, she has been having increasing pain in her hip. Having had both of my own hips replaced, I didn’t need an x-ray to know what the problem was.

Still, I took the very first x-ray in the clinic, and it confirmed my suspicions that she would need a hip replacement. She began to cry when I told her, not because of the surgery but because she is uninsured and couldn’t pay for it. I knew that we could make this happen for her because nothing has changed about the remarkable people and institutions who donate services and time and prosthetic hips to us. I did what I always did and I am confident in a few weeks she will have a new hip and the pain will be gone.

And just like that, my first morning as a doctor at Crosstown was over. The day was incredibly similar to the countless other clinics we had at Peabody and Union, but now, we are able to serve so many more people and serve them better. It is truly amazing what God has done.

Church Health

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