Donor Friends

The following represent endowed gifts that will help Church Health carry our its mission in perpetuity, as well as gifts made in August, 2017.

Endowed Gifts of a Day

The following represent endowed Gifts of a Day for Church Health. The donors listed below are Gift of a Day donors who have chosen to endow their gifts to ensure their tribute is honored in perpetuity. These donors have permanent membership in our Days of Giving Society.

Donor Archives

Supporting Church Health’s Clinic

February 7 – In memory of Ellen Ramsay Clark on our anniversary
Ken Clark

October 16 – In loving memory of my wonderful husband, Lloyd B. Lovitt, Jr.
Mrs. Lloyd B. Lovitt, Jr.

Supporting All Ministries of Church Health

Herbert Rhea Memorial
Endowed Gift of a Week

Henry and Jeanne Varnell

January 4 – In honor of Maru and Pedro Zarur
Joyce Mollerup and Bob Buckman

January 10 – In honor of Kathy and Mike Howland
Joyce Mollerup and Bob Buckman

May 22 – In honor of Judy and Don Lineback
Joyce Mollerup and Bob Buckman

May 27 – In honor of Kathy and Jack Blair
Joyce Mollerup and Bob Buckman

June 26 – In honor of Libby and Jim Daughdrill
Joyce Mollerup and Bob Buckman

August 15 – In memory of L. Palmer Brown III
The Palmer Brown Family

November 8 – In honor of Lee and Joe Duncan
Joyce Mollerup and Bob Buckman

Gift of a Lifetime Family Fund

The following represent gifts of $100,000 or more. These endowment funds will help Church Health carry out its mission in perpetuity.

Eleanor Baer
In gratitude for her blessings

Mr. and Mrs. Norman Brown, Jr.
In honor of their family and their wedding anniversary

Julie M. Bishop
In honor of Marian and Richard Marion on their anniversary

Dr. and Mrs. Howard Misner
In memory of Dr. John Montgomery Belk and Mrs. Mable Belk Dew

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Reed
In gratitude for their family and friends

Gift of a Lifetime

The following represent endowment gifts of $25,000 or more. These endowment funds will help Church Health carry out its mission in perpetuity.

January 1 – Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Palmer IV
Given in their honor by their nephew, Darrell Russell

January 1 – In memory of Aaron M. Boom

January 28 – In thanksgiving for Frank L. Flautt, Jr. for his constant caring and generous sharing within our community
Virginia and Jim McGehee

February 4 – In honor of Jeanne and Dobie Gillis
Anne and Rusty Lulloff

February 5 – In honor of Louise Enochs Thompson, a wonderful woman of God
Marsha and William V. Thompson, Jr.

February 8 – In celebration of Rusty’s birthday
Anne and Rusty Lulloff

February 9 – In memory of Joseph Signaigo

Anne and Rusty Lulloff

February 12 – In memory of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Blake and Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Yeager
Dottie and Jack Blake

February 13 – In memory of Jean Wesche

February 14 – In honor of Tom White on his birthday
Sarah Boothe White

February 27 – In honor of Mary and Earl Grochau
Anne and Rusty Lulloff

March 1 – In honor of Marybelle and Claire Arnett

Rusty Lulloff

March 6 – In honor of Scott Morris on his birthday, for his continuing and faithful service to his Lord and to those in need in Memphis

March 15 – In celebration of Maxie and Jerry Dunnam’s anniversary
Mr. and Mrs. William V. Thompson, Jr.

April 11 – In memory of Liza Allison Goree, beloved mother and friend
Marsha and William V. Thompson, Jr.

April 15 – In honor of Dr. Shirley C. Raines for her brilliant leadership of our University of Memphis, which has so dramatically improved our community
Jim McGehee

April 21 – In honor of their anniversary
Mimsy and Frank Jones

April 29 – In honor of Sarah White on her birthday

Thomas J. White, Jr., M.D.

April 30 – In honor of Henry G. Herrod III, M.D., on his birthday, for his contribution to the field of Medicine
Frank L. Flautt, Jr.

June 1 – In honor of their parents, Dr. and Mrs. Bob J. Hazlewood and Dr. and Mrs. William G. McAtee
Amy and Neal McAtee

June 20 – In celebration of Bob and Donna Goodman’s wedding anniversary

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Goodman

June 25 – In honor of Jean and Frank Norfleet for their example of the wholesome Christian life and their quiet philanthropy throughout our community
Virginia and Jim McGehee

July 2 – In celebration of their wedding anniversary
Mr. and Mrs. Alvin W. Wunderlich, Jr.

July 20 – In memory of John E. Goddard, M.D.
Metropolitan Anesthesia Alliance

August 7 – In honor of their families
Anne and Rusty Lulloff

August 18 – In honor of S. Herbert Rhea, on his birthday, for his contribution to the field of Arts and Culture
Frank L. Flautt, Jr.

August 20 – In memory of their son, Steven Charles Buckmaster
Jill and Roger Buckmaster

August 26 – In honor of Allison and Sandy Willson on their wedding anniversary
Marsha and William V. Thompson, Jr.

August 30 – In honor of Anne Lulloff on her birthday
Rusty Lulloff

August 30 – In memory of Dr. and Mrs. Robert K. Armstrong
From their family

September 7 – In honor of Linda W. Rhea on their anniversary
S. Herbert Rhea

September 10, 2012 – In honor of and in thanksgiving for the invaluable contribution which Dr. Bob Waller is making in so many dimensions of local healthcare and wellness
Jim McGehee

September 12 – In honor of Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Richardson for their loyal and faithful service
Frayser Christian Church

September 18
Jagoe Brown Wade

September 25 – In memory of Rachel Russell

Terry L. Russell

October 6 – In honor of their anniversary and life together
Marguerite and Charles Scates

October 7 – In honor of Kelsey Russell

Terry L. Russell

October 10 – In memory of Willard Sparks on his birthday

October 14 – In memory of Janet Nolte on her birthday

The Roger Nolte Family

October 15 – In honor of Dr. Scott Morris, beloved healthcare visionary
Mr. and Mrs. William V. Thompson, Jr.

October 18 – In honor of Janice B. Barnes and in memory of William Howard Barnes
Anne and Rusty Lulloff

November 5 – In honor of “My Buddy Cliff” and Jean Gorham
Anne and Rusty Lulloff

November 30 – In honor of V. Lane Rawlins, Ph.D., on his birthday, for his contribution to the field of Education
Frank L. Flautt, Jr.

December 4 – In loving memory of John Bayard Boyle, Sr. on their wedding anniversary
Elizabeth Boyle

December 7 – In memory of Dr. and Mrs. E. D. Connell
Mildred L. Lynn

December 25 – In celebration of Christmas Day

Independent Presbyterian Church

Days of Giving

The following individuals, groups, businesses or congregations have sponsored a day or week of care at Church Health.

Gift of a Day

Gifts of $2500 or more

August 7, 2017 – In memory of Barbara Halliburton
Ruben Rosales

August 9, 2017 – In celebration of the wedding anniversary of Carmine and Bill Vaughan         
Bill Vaughn

August 10, 2017 – In honor of Alisha Coker and Andrew Scoggin        
Mr. and Mrs. Morris Powell, Jr.

August 16, 2017 – In honor of Mike Volner 
Mike and Becky Means

August 18, 2017 – In memory of S. Herbert Rhea    
Linda Rhea

August 22, 2017 – In celebration of the wedding anniversary of Sammy and Mike Marshall      
Melissa and Tom Grimes

August 24, 2017 – In celebration of their wedding anniversary and in honor of Church Health volunteers            
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Schwartz

August 24, 2017 – In memory of Martha H. Baxter
Nat Baxter

August 26, 2017 – In honor of our wedding anniversary
Frank and Sally Navarra

August 28, 2017 – In memory of Myra Thomas
Eb Thomas

August 28, 2017 – In honor of Whit Sheahan
Estelle K. Sheahan

Gift of a Week

Gifts of $10,000 or more

August 12 – 18, 2017 – In memory of John Fain
Ann Fain

Donor Friends

Without the support of our donors, there would be no Church Health. The names of those who made financial contributions to Church Health in August, 2017 are listed below.


Ambar A. Alfaro
Ellery Ammons
Lanetta Anderson-Brooks, M.D.
Brandon Arrindell
Brian & Kelly Athow
Emily Austin
Ashley M. Baker
Rice E. Barber III
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph H. Barnard
Richard B. & Nancy L. Barnhart
Jennifer D. Bartlett-Prescott
Alicia & Scott Bartusch
Dr. & Mrs. John W. Baur
Mr. & Mrs. Steve L. Becton
Dr. & Mrs. Schorr Behnke
Anne Wulff & Brian P. Bendersky
Don & Judy Bennett
Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Birdsong, Jr.
Terry & Carol Bishop
Odalis Blakeney
Dr. Joseph P. Blankinship
Almeta Bolden
Mr. & Mrs. Eric Bolton
Melissa Bosdorf
Mr. & Mrs. Gregory M. Bostian
Columbia D. Bounds
Maria G. Bownes
Cynthia Brasher
Clint & Judy Bratton
Shandra D. Brooks
David Brown
Terri W. Brown
Mr. & Mrs. Larry J. Broy
Anne L. Buchacek
Jill & Roger Buckmaster
Jennifer M. Buhler
Tiffany Bukowski
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey S. Burns
Frances Burns
Kenneth Buss
Attorney Dwayne Byrd
Jack Byrnes
Mr. & Mrs. Richard S. Calvert
Mr. & Mrs. Al M. Campbell
Katora Campbell
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas W. Carrier
Lula F. Carter
Johnekia Catron
Jennifer R. Cavitt
Mr. & Mrs. James Cepeda
Mr. & Mrs. Abe Gaustad
Susan Chick
Catherine M. Chilton
Elizabeth J. Benson
Katie Clark
Tammy D. Clark
Dorothy S. Clemons
Amber Coen
Billie L. Cook
Janet Copeland
Roberta M. Corliss
Benjamin Cornelius
Banjul Covington
Robyn Cox
Mr. & Mrs. David M. Crippen
Mr. & Mrs. Dana Crooker
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Crosby
John Crossmock
Annie L. Crowder, R.N.
April M. Crowder
Debra E. Crummie
Gloria Curne
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth L. Daniel
William Daniel
James Davidson
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Davis
Rev. Dr. Betty G. Dawson
Audrey Dayan
Mr. & Mrs. Steven G. Dean
Amanda Dent
Rachel Depperschmidt
Mr. & Mrs. David J. Dickinson
Collins Dillard, Jr. & Rev. Renee Dillard
John & Priscilla Dollar
Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Donohoe
Dr. & Mrs. Tim B. Donovan
Dr. & Mrs. Charles D. Drummond, Jr.
Tommie & Billy Dunavant
Claudia Echeverri
Nancy Emanuel
Dare D. Estok
Benjamin Etters
Gayle D. Evans
Greg & Dawn Eveland

Mr. & Mrs. Stanley F. Farmer
Dr. & Mrs. H. Steven Fergus
Robert Ferguson
Patsy B. Fielder
Mr. & Mrs. Allan Fisher
Frank L. Flautt, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Henry Flautt
Peggy C. Floied
William S. Forgione
Mary Fortin
John G. Foster
Gloriangelica Fuentes
Mr. & Mrs. Matt Fuller
Alison G. & Philip G. Futris
Jan Erlenbaugh Gaddis
Michael W. Gaither, D.D.S.
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Gardo
John Geer
David J. Giacopassi
Mr. & Mrs. John V. M. Gibson
Kevin Gibson, D.P.T.
Mr. & Mrs. Preston Gilchrist
Mr. Gary Giles & Dr. Jennifer Giles
Mr. & Mrs. Paul T. Gillespie III
Valarie D. Gilliam
Noah Glenn
Sheryl Gordon
Mary Ann Gossett
Mr. & Mrs. Jimmy Gould
Delora T. Gray
Evelyn Gray
Nancy I. Gray
Dorothy Greaney
Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Griffin
Gisela Guerrero
Mary Harvey Gurley
Samantha S. Gutierrez
Kathleen Kelly Hajack
Lauren Hales
Donna C. Hall
Jim & Mary Anne Hall
Ken Hall
Eric Handy
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Harless
Sheila Harrell
Tomeka Hart
Jacqueline R. Hawkins
Ann & Mason Hawkins
Donald Hayes
SeQuita D. Hayes
Melvin & Marcia Headley
Lizy B. Heard
Rev. Vivian T. Henry
Mr. & Mrs. David Hensley
Ruth Hernandez
Julia Hicks & Catherine Dixon
Opal R. Hill
Mr. & Mrs. Michael W. Hillard
Pamela D. Hobson
Mr. & Mrs. Hampton A. Holcomb
James T. Holland
Janice Holmes
Stephanie Hom
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Hooker
Mr. Michael S. Clark & Dr. Karen Hopper
Mr. & Mrs. Darrell L. Horn
Rose M. Horn
Dr. & Mrs. K.C. Horne
Latosha Horton
Mr. & Mrs. John D. Hughes
Annie & Jeff Hulett
Bethanie Humber
Elta Humphrey
Christina Hutcherson
Michael & Ann Jack
Julie Jackson
Jan Lewis Jamison, R.N.
Leah K. Jaynes
Drs. David & Lisa Jennings
Ashley Johnson
Keith Johnson
Mr. & Mrs. William K. Johnson
Allison Jones & James Drummond
Carol W. Jones
Sharon Jones
Sondra Jones
Helen P. Joyce
Brittany Julius
Shay Kearney
Stephanie D. Key
Richard H. Kohrs
Randy Kostiuk
Cathy H. Krepps
Virginia Dawn Lafon
Kimberly A. Lambert
Adele P. Landers

Jonathan Large
Lora L. Leonard
Sonia M. Leonard
Willie Leonard
Carol Lee Leppert
Mr. & Mrs. Troy Liebschwager
Delvyn O. Liggans
Sarah Lodge
Ginny Long
Mr. & Mrs. William Losch
Mr. & Mrs. Todd M. Love
Jane M. Lovelace
Christopher Lowe
Dr. & Mrs. Michael Lowery
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Lowery
David Luchin
Daniel Lyles
Evelyne Malone
Dr. & Mrs. Joseph Marino
Dr. & Mrs. Stephen J. Maroda
Mr. & Mrs. Jay Martin
Jennifer Martin
Meredith & Greg Martin
Susan Martins Miller
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey W. Massey
Mr. & Mrs. William C. Matthews, Jr.
Sandra Mauney
Brandy Maya
Dona K. Maybry
Glenda Faye McCord
Glenda H. McDaniel
Mr. & Mrs. Doug McDonald
Mr. & Mrs. Addison McFarland
Susan S. McGhee
Jessica McKnett
Sharon McLemore
Rosie H. Meredith
Mr. & Mrs. Nick Meurrier
Cynthia L. Miller
Krista Miller
Margaret Miller
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Miller
John E. Mills, Jr.
Robert Minford
Judy M. Mitchell
Mr. Douglas Green & Dr. Rona J. Mogil
Sharon R. Moore
Velma J. Moore
Marissa Morgan
Sam & Marion Morgan
Mr. & Mrs. Earl J. Morris
Dr. & Mrs. G. Scott Morris
Marian M. Morrison
Jana Moses-Howell
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Muller
Courtney M. Munson
Mr. & Mrs. Jay Myers
Sally & Frank Navarra
Alison Neel
Drs. David & Susan Nelson
Dustin Nelson
The Reverend & Mrs. James C. Newsom
Elizabeth Nickelson
Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Noell
Alicia Norman
Mr. & Mrs. Joshua Norwood
Kathy O’Connell
Debbie & Butch Odom
Dr. & Mrs. William L. Odom, Sr.
Georgia M. Oliver
Sharon Ollie
Benjamin Orgel
Susan Orozco
Dr. & Mrs. Donald D. Owens
Dennis & Rosemary Paden
Tracy Pagano
Charlene W. Parker
Diane Patton
Christy L. Payne
Amy T. Pearson
Mr. & Mrs. Scott Peatross
John C. Pekar
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony E. Pellicciotti
Erica Perkins
Cameron M. Petersen
Susan & John Peterson
Elyssa Pfeffer
Joe & Carolyn Phelan
Alexandra Phillips
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Phillips
Mr. & Mrs. Scott P. Plunkett
Katie Pohlman
Bryana Polk
Stephanie L. Polk
Walter Polk
Emily Pratt
Lisa Prestage

Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Raiteri
The Mike Ralston Family
Mr. & Mrs. William Ray
Jennifer & J.D. Reager
Mr. & Mrs. John G. Reed, Sr.
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Reynolds
Sherronda Rhyan
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel R. Richards
Mr. & Mrs. Gregory B. Richards
Dr. E. Greer Richardson & Rev. Dr. Carol M. Richardson
Michell Rodriguez
Devin Rohde
Patricia M. Rooks
Mr. & Mrs. Louis Rosenberg
Mr. & Mrs. Chris Roussey
Kenneth & Cindy Jo Sage
Mr. & Mrs. Suhas J. Samuel
Andrea Sanchez
Lois Sandusky
Dr. Donald W. Satterfield
Kimberly N. Schwartz
Frank & Marian Shaffer
Charlie Sharp
Mr. & Mrs. John M. Sharp
Marvel Sharp
Kevin A. Sharpe
David Short
Dr. & Mrs. John W. Simmons II
Mr. & Mrs. Antonio Simmons
Edward Simpson
Dr. & Mrs. Tod Singer
David, Monica & Ansley Skipper
Andreana Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce R. Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Charles F. Smith, Jr.
Dr. & Mrs. Eric Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Fred Smith
Patti & Ritchie Smith
Kathy & Jim Smith
Beth Sparrow, O.D.
Mr. & Mrs. David G. Spear
Mr. & Mrs. Joshua Spickler
Megan & Justin Starling
Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Stockwell
Mr. & Mrs. Marvin J. Stockwell, Jr.
Van & Michaelia Sturdivant
Suhey Sturm
Anne L. Sullivan, M.D.
Dr. & Mrs. Arthur J. Sutherland III
Joy & Scott Sutherland
Cathy Swain
Veronica Swannigan, M.D. & Kevin Swannigan
Alan Swistak
Mr. & Mrs. Vernon E. Tabor
Teresita Tarin
Mr. & Mrs. David E. Tate
Cynthia Taylor
Stewart Taylor
Brad & Rebecca Thomas
Sharon E. Thorpe, F.N.P.
Mr. & Mrs. Chris Todd
Janette Tovar
Mr. & Mrs. William P. Tuberville
Dr. & Mrs. Michael Ugwueke
Thomas VanWagner
Josue Vazquez
Gay & Al Vekovius
Dick & Shirley Vosburg
Stanetta Walker
Mr. & Mrs. Ryan Wallace
Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Wallace
Laquita Walton
Dr. & Mrs. Robert G. Watkins
Mr. & Mrs. William H. Watkins
Maisha Watson
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Watson
The Rev. Dorothy S. Wells & Mr. Herbert Wells
Mr. & Mrs. Dan White
Mr. & Mrs. Woodson C. Whitehead
Mr. & Mrs. Don W. Williams
Myla Williams
Sheronda Williams
Y. Rochelle Willis
Ray Jones Williams
Linda Wilson
William M. Wilson
Jeneba G. Winfrey-Porter
John & Jaime Winton
James Witherspoon
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Wolfe
Captain & Mrs. Kevin P. Wolley
Dr. & Mrs. Robert S. Wooten
Nolia Paige Wright
Tiffiny E. Wright
Michael Wyrick
Robert W. Yates
Teryne Young


AmazonSmile Foundation
Astor Fine Builders
Carolyn W & Charles T. Beaird Family Foundation
Buntyn Presbyterian Church
Castalia Baptist Church
Church Health Board & Staff
Colonial Park UMC: Adult Study Group
Colonial Park UMC: Fidelis Sunday School Class
Combined Federal Campaign
Combined Federal Campaign of Greater Arkansas
Emmanuel UMC: Friendship Sunday School Class
Franklin ElectroFluid Company, Inc.
Germantown UMC
Germantown UMC: Wednesday Men’s Prayer Group
Idlewild Presbyterian Church
Independent Presbyterian Church

Jones Auto Service
Ladies of Charity of Memphis
Memphis Garden Club
Mullins UMC: United Methodist Women
National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences, Inc.
Reserve Officers Association
Second Presbyterian Church
Shangri-La Records, LLC
St. John’s Episcopal Church
St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
State of Tennessee Department of Health
Stephen P. Bratkowski Memorial Foundation
Tennessee Data Commons
The Frayser Group of Alcoholics Anonymous
United Way of the Mid-South
The UPS Store

Volunteer Friends

Without the help of volunteers, Church Health could not meet the needs of the thousands it currently serves. The following lists recognize the the volunteers who gave their time and talent to Church Health in August, 2017.

Rebecca Alberson
Joseph Allen
Harrison Amburn
Rachell Anderson
Kristina Austin
Ted Bailey
Ben Beatus
Julie Bleier
Matt Bolton
Bill Branch
Virginia Burbank
Kenneth Burnette
John Buttross
Linda Cantrell
Aliana Carpenetti
Thomas Carr
Charles Clark
Ingeborg Clark
Laura Coleman
Keandria Craft
Ron Curlin
Kianna Davis
Margaret H. Dean
Joan Dermon
Linda Dickson

Katherine Donovan
Kourtney Dortch
Carrie Dowling
Cedrick Earley
Ann Faulkner
Susan Fletcher
Edward Franklin
Donald Gallant
Eliana Garcete
Bridgette Gayden
Janet Haslebacher
Sara Sloan Heckle
Joanna Hernandez
Morgan Hill
Patrica Hipps
Summer Hood
Lisa Hsi
Danielle Ivy
Samuel Jordan
Stefanie King
Mack Land
Ken Levi
Tyrique Liddell
Karonny Little

Caleb Max
William McDonald
Arabella McGowan
William Jacob Miller
Madison Mirandi
Christian Mitchell
Khashaiar Motazedian
Shahriar Motazedian
Fouad Sam Moursi
Lance Myers
Andrea Natera
Brittney Nelson
John Nelson
Deanna Ott
Sarah-Clare Parker
Sophia Quesada
Janet Quinn
Joel Reisman
Ana Reyes
Neysa Rhoads
Tamara Robinson
Molly Rolen
Lois Ruleman
Kendal Schaetzle
Andrea Scilken

Jerry Scruggs
Wayne Shannon
Ernelle Sills
Carolyn Simpson
Jane Slatery
Gina Smith
Prentiss Smith
Tyles Staten
Anne Sullivan
Rebecca Suzuki
Hugh Taylor
Charles Teague
LeAnne Terry
Edwina Thomas
Mary Toney
Alice Trottman
Cathy Tummins
Eduardo Urbina
Denise Watkins
Alva Weir
Ben Wheeler
Deede Wyatt
Shehla Yousuf
Luana Zeballos
Paula Zeballos

Gift-In-Kind Donors

Gifts of goods and services allow Church Health to meet the needs of thousands we serve. It is because of donated medicines, supplies, equipment, professional time and a multitude of other items that Church Health is able to stretch our funds to serve more people more effectively. Individuals and organizations who gave gifts in kind in August, 2017 are recognized below.


Knighton Upholstery
The Pink Door
St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
Tabor Orthopedics


Kathy Ake
Rob & Vicki Baird
Judy Birchfield
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Dickerson
Robert Dixon
Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Donohoe
Theresa Drye
Mr. & Mrs. Aubrey Ellis
Mr. & Mrs. David C. Forell
Alishia Green
Alice M. Howard
Diane King
Monica Knapp
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Levy
Sue A. Lipsey
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Lowery
Joe Mitchell
Carla & John Holmes Peacher-Ryan
Michael D. Shirley, D.D.S.
Mr. & Mrs. Norman Stradley
Ellen Whitnack


We are grateful for donations that remember friends and loved ones while furthering Church Health’s ministry. The following are memorials, honorariums, and celebrations received in August, 2017. The persons memorialized, honored, and celebrated are listed in bold type. The donors’ names follows.


Conrad Ahrens
Mr. & Mrs. John K. Wilbourn

Wyatt Bruns Aiken
Dr. & Mrs. Lee S. Stein

Louisa Allgeier
Mr. & Mrs. Jefferson F. Michael

Dr. & Mrs. Robert K. Armstrong
Betty & Mark McMahon

Gilbert H. Avery, Jr.
Becky & David Stanley

James W. Baird
Dot & Dick Fisher

Jason Baker
Mrs. Alex Walter

Joy Barnes
Dr. & Mrs. Tim C. Williams

Hannah J. Barnett
Dr. & Mrs. Charles Z. Plesofsky

Rebecca Sue Barnett
Dr. & Mrs. David A. Usdan

Selene J. Benitone
Kate Gassaway

Forrest Ray Benskin
Mr. & Mrs. Pete Aviotti 
Mr. & Mrs. Ronnie Faulkner

Carolyn Prewitt Boren
Norman Brown, Jr.
Kelly & Jim Burrow
Tom Williams

Charles Bottcher
Mr. & Mrs. John K. Wilbourn

Jeanne Dresback Bowen
Mr. & Mrs. Franklin P. Allen III

Royce A. Box
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph L. Snell

Roveda Boyd
Mary Margaret Jones

Ronell C. Brindell
Ben Duke

Camilla Carr Brinner
Mr. & Mrs. Dunbar Abston, Jr.
Delta Asset Management, LLC
Mr. & Mrs. Edward T. Taylor

Paula Newton Brown
Anna V. Anderson
The Bank of Fayette County
Ralph Barber
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur J. Benjamin
Jim Boren
Mr. & Mrs. Marion Brown
Joan Bullard
Kelly & Jim Burrow
Mr. & Mrs. Warren J. Davis
Mr. & Mrs. Michael E. Edwards
Mr. & Mrs. John M. George
Ursula Hannaford
Janet & Billy Huettel
Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Hussey, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Jennings
Richard H. Kohrs
Kitty Lammons
Robert C. Lanier
Laura Lawman
Louise & Jeff Mann
Helen H. Mariano
Mr. & Mrs. Nick Mayer
Betty McCallen
Mary Angela G. McCleary
Frances H. Owen
Sally & Ray Podesta
James A. Prewitt III
Mr. & Mrs. Edward R. Richmond
Patti Russell
Rowlett Scott
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Sims
Camille & Mike Thompson
Ginny & Justin Towner
Rose Mary Tullis
Bernice L. Tutterow

Elizabeth C. Bryan
Elizabeth B. Brown

Lillian Bryson
Mr. & Mrs. Oliver Doughtie
Mr. & Mrs. C. Harrell Schaeffer
Mr. & Mrs. Robert N. Vaughn

Billie P. Burnett
Mike & Suzanne Landrum

Dr. Jerry H. Bynum
Barbara Lehr
Thomas Middleton

Mary Carpenter
Dr. & Mrs. Bud Mormon

Oscar Clark Carr III
Mrs. James Wetter

Kenneth R. Carroll
Mr. & Mrs. Jefferson F. Michael

Gigi Chapman
Mr. & Mrs. John K. Wilbourn

Richard Edmund Charlton IV
Jean Lewis Coors

Rev. Reynolds Smith Cheney II
Mr. & Mrs. Dunbar Abston, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Stanley F. Farmer
Rev. Mimsy & Frank A. Jones
Lila Saunders

Jimmy Collins
Joelle Richardson

Arie Jacobs Cooper
Mr. & Mrs. Phillip H. McNeill

Helga R. Cornell
Dr. & Mrs. Charles Z. Plesofsky

Eddie Crawford
Mr. & Mrs. Samuel A. Gassaway, Jr.

Mimi Semmes Dann
Mr. & Mrs. Dunbar Abston, Jr.
Sharron Barrett
Mr. & Mrs. Roy E. Bell, Jr.
Peggy Bodine
Ursula Hannaford
Rev. Mimsy & Frank A. Jones
Steven Levy & Betsy Olim
Catherine Olim
Agnes Gordon Stark
Dr. & Mrs. Lee S. Stein

Rose Daum
The Bill & Betty Sloas Family

Patricia S. Davidson
Mr. & Mrs. Franklin P. Allen III
Duke B. Clement, Jr.
Adrienne Davis
Mr. & Mrs. Luther P. Gause, Jr.
John Johnson
Mr. & Mrs. W. Price Morrison, Jr.
Nancy & Steve Morrow
Meredith G. Pritchartt
Shirley S. Prothro
Dr. & Mrs. William P. Purcell
Rosalie Rudner
Agnes Gordon Stark
Hal & Amanda Wellford

Dorothy P. Dismuke
Kelly & Jim Burrow

Clinton McKellar Early, Sr.
Mr. & Mrs. Dunbar Abston, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Phillip H. McNeill

Guy Thomas Erb
Mr. & Mrs. Dunbar Abston, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Andy Malmo
Mrs. James E. Shannon, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. John K. Wilbourn

Doris Essmeyer
Mr. & Mrs. John K. Wilbourn

William Richard Evans
Dr. & Mrs. Edward M. Reaves

David M. Fargotstein

Charles E. Frankum, M.D.
Dr. & Mrs. John R. Crockarell, Sr.
Barbara Nash

Richard S. Freudenberg
Mr. & Mrs. Pete Aviotti

Katherine Dumas Futris
Martha Demas

William Gerald Gaia
Mr. & Mrs. Pete Aviotti
Mr. & Mrs. Ron Clowney

Joyce C. Gallant

Edward Mauro Garavelli
Pat & Sturla Canale

Blanchard H. Gardner
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Ayerst
Mr. & Mrs. Phillip H. McNeill

John E. Goddard, M.D.
Charlene Goddard

Sara Jane Greenlee
Carolyn Carnesale

Cary H. Hailey

Barbara Starlin Halliburton
Linda Ashmore
Mr. & Mrs. G. Dennis Watson

Ralph Sherrill Hamilton, M.D.
Billy & Annette Bickers
Alma Jean Fittes
Frances C. Perkins
Dr. & Mrs. David A. Usdan
Barbara R. Walters

Romulus “Buster” M. Hammond III
Pat & Ralph Horn

Clarice B. Harris
Dr. & Mrs. Charles Z. Plesofsky

Virginia Ann Schneider Heffernan
Dr. Patricia Walls

George Hess
Robert Seay

Jim Hood
Dr. James Hood

Norma Hopkins
Mr. & Mrs. Dan White

Lynell K. Horton
Berenda Willis

Thomas Hughs
Dr. & Mrs. Lee S. Stein

Howard M. Irby
Billie Irby

Warren Jennings
Mr. & Mrs. Edward T. Taylor

Dr. Edward S. Kaplan
Mr. & Mrs. Dunbar Abston, Jr.
Dr. Derene E. Akins
Joan Levy Alperin
Dr. & Mrs. Philip M. Aronoff
Mr. & Mrs. Roy E. Bell, Jr.
Mary & Allen Blair
Jack & Kathleen Blair
Janis Boyd
Mr. & Mrs. Louis Brenner
Dr. & Mrs. Dee J. Canale
Carolyn Carnesale
Marilyn & Harvey Cook
Dr. & Mrs. Clair E. Cox
Dr. & Mrs. John R. Crockarell, Sr.
Barbara Dillon
Joyce & Lester Gingold
Dr. & Mrs. Nicholas Gotten, Jr.
Bene Kaplan
Mr. & Mrs. Eugene L. Lerner, Jr.
Dr. & Mrs. William E. Long
Bill Luckett
Louise & Jeff Mann
Mr. & Mrs. Jack H. Marks
Judy & Ed Morrow
Dr. & Mrs. John V. Pender, Jr.
Dr. & Mrs. Charles Z. Plesofsky
Dr. & Mrs. John W. Runyan, Jr.
Dr. & Mrs. Alan D. Samuels
Karen Searcy
Elizabeth Smith

Mary Gordon Green Keegan
Mr. & Mrs. Franklin P. Allen III

George Emerson Kelly
Mr. & Mrs. Jim R. Maddox, Jr.
Dr. Susan Rifkin

Sally Kesselman
Dr. & Mrs. Charles Z. Plesofsky

Emily Kline
Mr. & Mrs. Eugene L. Lerner, Jr.

Lottie Irene Klos
Mr. & Mrs. Don W. Williams

William Dale Kurts
Louise & Jeff Mann

Fannie Langford
Dr. Chris Cooley

James Lesniak
Jason Fleming

Joni Lipsey
Becky & David Stanley

Katherine Mack
Norma Figiel

Robert Marchetti

Cecil Williams Marshall
Mr. & Mrs. Dunbar Abston, Jr.
Lisa T. Durkan
Florence P. Hays
Rev. Mimsy & Frank A. Jones
Mrs. James Wetter
Mr. & Mrs. Philip R. Zanone

Pamela S. Maynard
Berenda Willis

George McPherson, M.D.

Louise D. McPherson

Richard “Dick” A. McStay
Mr. & Mrs. Walter S. Henrion
Rev. Mimsy & Frank A. Jones
Henry M. Turley
William H. McHorris, D.D.S. & Associates
Mr. & Mrs. Philip R. Zanone

Ted Medlin
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas B. White

Gilfa Merrell
Larry & Libby Ennenga

Agness E. Miller
Monah Gilmer
Mr. & Mrs. Michael L. Whitefield

Mary Williams Weymouth Minor
Mary Funston

Dr. Ralph H. Monger, Jr.
Peggy L. Monger

Gloria Celeste Fratini Montesi
Mr. & Mrs. Pete Aviotti

Mary Elizabeth Morten
Patrick Demere

Spencer W. Morten, Jr.
Patrick Demere

Ruth Tidwell Mulroy
Dorothy Sue Smith

Daniel Q. Murphy
Virginia Murphy

Carolyn Vinson Nespoli
Mr. & Mrs. Jack Davis

Rebecca Jean N. Nolen
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Barnes

Kathleen D. Norfleet
Dr. & Mrs. Robert J. Clayton
Agnes Gordon Stark

Joseph O. O’Brien
Mr. & Mrs. Dunbar Abston, Jr.

Mike O’Connor
Mr. & Mrs. David Ruff

Joseph “Joe” L. Pampuro
Jeanette F. Gregg
Clare Jacobs

Mavour Ruth Papasan
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Papasan

Robert Wayne Papasan
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Papasan

Robert Joseph Parkey
Saralene Thomas

Dennis B. Patzsch
Dr. Carolyn Gibson

Charles Peck
Tommy K. Yarbrough

Isabelle Peck
Tommy K. Yarbrough

Donald M. Pelts
Linda K. Pelts

Jimmy Russell Phillips, Sr.
Kathy Werner

Julian Bondurant “Bond” Phillips, Jr.

George R. “Bobby” Pidgeon, Sr.
Kathy & Ben Adams
Dot & Dick Fisher
Jennifer Hester
Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Hussey, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. W. Neely Mallory
Nell S. Puls
Mrs. James E. Shannon, Jr.
Elise M. Stratton
Mr. & Mrs. John K. Wilbourn
Jim & Libby Witherington

Dalton G. Piercey
Dr. Carolyn Gibson

David Pierson
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Dean

Robert A. Powell
Mr. & Mrs. Donald E. Friend

Meredith L. Rahme
Mr. & Mrs. John M. George

John “Jack” C. Redden
Carol Redden

Eugene C. Reynolds

Daniel C. Romer
Joan Romer

Michael David Rose
Dr. & Mrs. Lee S. Stein

Ronald “Ron” Gael G. Ross
Duke B. Clement, Jr.

Jocelyn Plough Rudner
Jenks E. McCrory

Molly Goltman Sashkin
Dr. & Mrs. Lee S. Stein

Duke Schaeffer
Mr. & Mrs. Richard T. Doughtie III
Mr. & Mrs. Chuck Ellingsworth
Dr. & Mrs. Allen K. Raich
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas B. White

John Schaffler, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Pete Aviotti

Michael F. Sheahan
Mr. & Mrs. Franklin P. Allen III

Ann Biggs Shoaf
William H. McHorris, D.D.S. & Associates

Dr. James C. Smith
Mary & Allen Blair
William H. McHorris, D.D.S. & Associates

Maida Pearson Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Dunbar Abston, Jr.
Tina Collier Roberts
Frank & Kay DiBianca
Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Hussey, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. John K. Wilbourn

Stanley Leon Smith, Jr., M.D.
Dr. & Mrs. Lee S. Stein

Sue Smith
The Vowells

Robert Stack
Janice M. Vanderhaar & Edwin J. Wallin

Nancy M. Taylor
Mike & Suzanna Cody

Glenda Tennyson
Jean & Frank Barton
Rheba B. Kizzee
Andee Williamson
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Yacoubian

Frances J. Thompson
Elizabeth R. Thompson

Carol L. Turner
Dorothy Steadman

Denese F. Uebelacker
Marilyn & Harvey Cook
Mr. & Mrs. Ed Eleazer, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Samuel A. Gassaway, Jr.
Mrs. Cecil Lamberson
Mr. & Mrs. Phillip H. McNeill
June L. Ohlendorf
Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan D. Rowe
Kathy Werner

Dr. Neil Utkov
Mr. & Mrs. John K. Wilbourn

Nancy Vanhoose
Rheba B. Kizzee

Hartsell Wallace
Mr. & Mrs. Albert T. McRae

Scott & David Wallace
Febe & Tom Wallace

Marta C. Weiss
Mr. & Mrs. Stanley F. Farmer

Orville Howard “Bubba” Williams, Jr.
Dr. & Mrs. Lee S. Stein

Dr. Stephen Winbery
Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Burana
Delta Medical Center
Memphis Professional Physician Staffing
David J. Richardson, M.D.

William M. Yandell, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Dunbar Abston, Jr.


Mr. & Mrs. Al E. Andrews
Mr. & Mrs. Foster Smith

Jay Balcom
John F. Barbee, Jr.

Dr. & Mrs. Richard A. Batey

David Benson
Sam D. Chafetz

Joyce Mollerup & Bob Buckman
Dr. & Mrs. Donald J. Lineback

Rev. Dr. Cynthia Davis
John F. Barbee, Jr.

Miller Delgadillo
Mrs. Hugh E. Hollon

Faith Community Nursing at Church Health
Caryn Paulos

Ralph F. Hamilton, M.D.
Sharon Gast

Susan Hansen
Irene H. Backus & Beau Backus

Dr. Kendra Hotz
John F. Barbee, Jr.

International Parish Nurse Resource Center
Caryn Paulos

Our Friends & Family
Cayce & Natalie Lawrence

Dr. & Mrs. LaVerne Lovell
Dr. & Mrs. Donald R. Skwor

Mr. & Mrs. Jay Martin
Melanie Hendrix

Grace K. McLaren
Lucy Landrum

Judy Morgan
Mrs. Stephen B. Turner

Dr. & Mrs. G. Scott Morris
John Barker
Dr. Linda Bennett

The Honorable William N. Morris, Jr.
First Evangelical Church Encouragers Class

Karen Nelson
Mrs. Stephen B. Turner

Mr. & Mrs. Kaushik V. Parikh
Viraj K. Parikh

Carol Redden
Lucy Davidson, M.D.

Sunny Ross
Patricia King
Clara Wright

Margaret Smith
John F. Barbee, Jr.

Rev. Shane Stanford
John F. Barbee, Jr.

Miller Stemmler
Mr. & Mrs. Jay Keras

Mr. & Mrs. Harte R. Thomas, Jr.
Tina Liollio


The Wedding Anniversary of Mr. & Mrs. Jim Baker
Larry & Hollye Spiotta

Church Health’s New Building
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Lee McMurray

The Birthday of Dr. Anne W. Connell
Mr. & Mrs. Hallam Boyd, Jr.
Nancy Erb
Mrs. Charles J. Lowrance III
Mr. & Mrs. W. Neely Mallory
Dr. & Mrs. John P. Milnor
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Panton

The Wedding Anniversary of Mr. & Mrs. Edward Curry III
John F. Barbee, Jr.

The Birthday of Katherine Gordon
Sam Brenner

The Wedding Anniversary of Mr. & Mrs. Walton Griffin
John F. Barbee, Jr.

The Marriage of Mr. & Mrs. Darrell L. Horn
Jonathon Geer

The Birthday of William E. Loveless II
Curt & Jeffrey Ward

The Wedding Anniversary of Mr. & Mrs. W. Jefferies Mann
Rosalie Rudner

The Birthday of Anna McNeill
Mr. & Mrs. William H. Morris

Our Wedding Anniversary
Sally & Frank Navarra

The Birthday of James W. Pate, M.D.
Anne & Joseph Fisher

The Birthday of Rodney Sturken
Dodie Cheairs

Our Wedding Anniversary
Dick & Shirley Vosburg

The Wedding Anniversary of Jerry Wilson & Ann Kling
John F. Barbee, Jr.

Church Health

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