Clergy Response Toolbox

At times congregations face unforeseen challenges within their communities. We’ve created these resources to help clergy make informed leadership decisions, serve as a source of trustworthy information, and disseminate accurate information to people seeking it.

Livestream of Webinars & Discussion

Resources for Faith Communities on Coronavirus/COVID-19

Congregations often first hear that our friends or church family members are sick through the congregational prayer chain, emails, or exchanging information on Sunday mornings. At a time when many members may be anxious about the potential impact of COVID-19, congregations can offer trustworthy information when questions arise and also help to slow the transmission of the virus. Church Health works closely with public health experts and health care partners to ensure we have the most reliable and current information available for our partners in faith:

6 Reasons Why We Need the COVID-19 Vaccine in our Congregation

A Clergy Discussion on Funeral Planning during COVID-19

Building Trust and Equity through Vaccinations

A Conversation with Rev. Dr. J. Lawrence Turner and Dr. Altha Stewart

COVID-19 Delta Variant Q&A

In the Know with Church Health: Here are straightforward answers to a few common questions to support healthy decisions for ourselves and those we love.

COVID-19 Vaccine Q&A

Straightforward answers to common questions about COVID-19 vaccines

Help Stop the Spread of COVID-19

What You Need to Know About COVID-19 Today | 5.08.20

Help Stop the Spread of COVID-19 (Español)

Ayude a Parar la Propagación Del COVID-19 Lo que usted debe saber del COVID-19 a partir de hoy, 8 de Mayo 2020

Vaccination Benefits

Helping You, Helping the Community

Vaccinations, Faith that Changed Public Health History

Vocabulary of Health Disparities (Part 1)

How Faith Leaders Can Understand Racism Injustice and Our Health Care System

Vocabulary of Health Disparities (Part 2)

Racism and Our Health Care System A Conversation with Pastors