Thanks for helping make Church Health Giving Day a big success! This toolkit gives you the items you need to help and get others involved. Think about how you’d like to spread the word (social media posts, emails to friends and colleagues, updating your website, mailing a flyer, hanging posters, etc.) and use the tools below.

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Church Health Logos

Here, you’ll find two versions of the Church Health logo. One version is in color and the other is in white. Choose the version that works best for you!

Giving Day Logos

Here, you’ll find versions of the Church Health Giving Day logo and images you can use on social media. Please choose the ones that work best for you!

Email Headers

These Giving Day header images help your contacts know right away about Church Health Giving Day. Simply insert them in the body of your email, if you chose.

Sample Messaging

Copy and paste these messages into communications materials. To make your “ask” even stronger, use these messages as a starting point and tailor them to make them your own.

Sample Social Media Posts

Need help crafting your post? Check out a few sample posts for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to get started.

Show your #givechurchhealth support on social media with a special profile pic frame!

How To Add a Giving Day Frame to Your Facebook or Twitter Profile Pic
  1. Click here for our custom Twibbon frame
  2. Choose to add the frame for Twitter or Facebook. Follow the instructions that will create your new profile picture.
  3. For Facebook, download the picture, and then log into Facebook and change your profile pic. For Twitter, simply authorize the Twibbon app and follow the instructions. Your avi will be automatically be updated with the Giving Day frame.


Want to do more?
  • You can also download Church Health Giving Day Facebook cover images.
  • Share the link so others can do the same!

Do’s and Don’t’s: Tips to Get You Started


1. Talk about your passion for Church Health!  People are more likely to open mail sent from their friend than they are a piece of junk mail, and the same is true for fundraising. Your personal testimony is important!

2. Make it fun!  Form a team. Have a bake sale. Host a party. When it comes to spreading the word about Church Health and raising money to support us, the more creative you are, the better! 

3. Talk about where the money goes.  Detailed information about Church Health’s impact on the communities we serve and our stewardship can be found in our most recent Impact Report and on

4. Discuss other donors – if they agree that you can. Have a friend or colleague that you know supports Church Health? Check with them before you discuss their contributions to Church Health. Some donors prefer to remain anonymous. 

5. Share your own goals. People are more likely to give when a goal is already set for them.  Example: My goal is to raise $200 for Church Health on Giving Day. Will you pledge $10 to help me do it? 

6. Encourage your friends to make their gift recurring. A one-time gift of $25 is great. A monthly gift of $25 is amazing – and very affordable! 

7. Thank, thank, thank! Have an attitude of gratitude! Make sure your friends know how appreciated they are for supporting Church Health.


1. Do not violate HIPAA. You are free to use any patient testimonial that was prepared by Church Health and used in official Church Health correspondence (enews, social media, website, letter). Church Health employees, volunteers, or others are prohibited from using patient stories unless they have confirmed with CH Communications that the patient has signed a HIPAA release form. 

2. Do not criticize anyone or anything.  We want our supporters to associate Church Health with positivity.

3. Do not make deals or barter with donors. Donors do not receive free or discounted services, preferential treatment or free or discounted items at Church Health. 

4. Do not overpromise to a potential donor.

5. Do not divulge another donor’s information without their consent.  Some donors prefer to remain anonymous.

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