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Our Mission

To reclaim the Church’s biblical commitment to care for our bodies and our spirits.

Our Core Purpose

To improve health and well-being so that people can experience the full richness of life.

Overview & History

Church Health is a faith-based, non-profit organization located in Memphis, Tennessee that provides comprehensive clinical healthcare and health services to the working uninsured and individuals with little or no access to healthcare. Church Health extends training, education and outreach to countless individuals and organizations in order to foster physical, emotional and spiritual well-being among patients, participants, families and the community at-large. In Fiscal Year 2019 alone, Church Health had more than 62,000 patient encounters.

Church Health does not receive government funding with the generous support 0f individuals and organizations to serve patients and grow operations.

Founded in 1987 by Dr. Scott Morris, an ordained United Methodist minister and board-certified family practice physician, the organization has grown to become the largest faith-based healthcare organization of its kind in the United States.

Whole-Person Care and Health Ministry

The Model for Healthy Living is the cornerstone of Church Health’s care and outreach. A balanced, healthy life takes into consideration what is going on not just medically; it encompasses Faith, Movement, Work, Emotions, Nutrition, and Friends and Family as well as Medical. These seven areas comprise the Model for Healthy Living.

Recognizing the relationships between all these parts of our lives, the Model reflects the realities of our everyday lives—families, jobs, schedules—and reminds us of areas we may neglect.

Church Health’s Faith & Health Ministry team offers hope and tools for healthier lives by reaching people where they worship. Church Health provides support, consultation and education to start or strengthen health ministries in congregations and produces publications and resources for individuals and groups to foster health and well-being.


Volunteers are the lifeblood of Church Health. Hundreds of volunteer healthcare professionals care for thousands of people in our community. We offer a diverse array of medical and non-medical volunteer opportunities each year.

Our Internal Culture

The Church Health “Called to Care” culture and Staff Health program are at the heart of staff engagement. Called to Care is a deliberate effort to reinforce the Church Health mission and values and delivers team building and programming. Staff Health is built around the Model for Healthy Living; staff “walk the walk” and live these principles in our clinics, offices and community.

Our Home: Crosstown Concourse

In Spring 2017, Church Health became one of the founding tenants of Crosstown Concourse, a long-abandoned Sears Roebuck distribution center transformed into a “vertical urban village” in the heart of one of Memphis’ most ethnically diverse and economically-challenged neighborhoods. By consolidating 13 separate facilities under one roof in our purpose-built Crosstown space, Church Health now serves more people and provides better care; medical, dental, optometry, physical rehabilitation, behavioral health, wellness, nutrition and health and faith ministry programs ensure integrated, comprehensive care. Moreover, the Crosstown Concourse location has strengthened engagement of partners in health, the arts and education.

About Our Founder & CEO

In 1987, Dr. Scott Morris, an ordained minister and physician, came to Memphis—one of the poorest, unhealthiest cities in America—to open a medical clinic to serve the working uninsured. As Church Health has grown, Dr. Morris has continued to rally the community—including congregations, businesses, healthcare partners and individuals—to drive ecumenical and interfaith dialog and action to serve those in need. In addition, he’s the author of several books, frequently blogs and has written countless journal and magazine articles. Dr. Morris is a widely sought-after speaker, addressing issues ranging from healthcare to spiritual well-being.

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Church Health

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