For Doctors
A Way to Give Back 
For doctors, the MEMPHIS Plan is a way to give back to the community and care for underserved patients without having to interrupt your everyday schedule. You don’t have to come to a free clinic on the weekend or in the evening.

As a MEMPHIS Plan provider, you will have patients assigned to you, similar to an insurance panel. These patients will come to your office to be seen, within your normal patient schedule. You can choose how many patients you wish to have assigned to you. Currently, there are doctors volunteering to care for a range of 10-100 MEMPHIS Plan patients.

On average, a MEMPHIS Plan patient sees their doctor 2-3 times/year. Their lab work and diagnostic testing is all covered by the MEMPHIS Plan, ordered directly from your office. Specialty referrals are handled by our MEMPHIS Plan office at your request.

How do the patients get prescriptions? Do I have to make sure it is available/affordable to them?
You do not have to do anything but write the prescription and sign off on the generic version if applicable. It is up to the patients to get the medicine that has been prescribed, and we give them several affordable ways to do so, but it is not the doctor’s responsibility.
The patient requires diagnostic testing (X-ray, CT scan, MRI, etc. How do I proceed?
Diagnostic testing is not scheduled by the MEMPHIS Plan office. Testing may be scheduled by your office and set up at any Methodist facility.
What do I do if their problem is out of my scope of expertise?
If they require a specialist, you should refer them to a specialist. Fill out the referral form and fax their medical records to Church Health’s Referral Department at (901) 261-8831. Then, an employee in the Referral Department will schedule them an appointment with an available specialist in the community.
How much time will this realistically take to have them see a specialist?
This varies; there is not really any type of “normal” waiting period. It all depends on the type of specialist that is needed. The patient will receive a phone call and letter in the mail giving them full details on their appointment. Your office will also be notified of the scheduling notes.
Is it possible to have a MEMPHIS Plan patient removed from my care?
Yes. If the patient/doctor relationship is not satisfactory, they can be moved off of your case. Just call the MEMPHIS Plan office and we will reassign the participant.
Are there references with whom I can speak who have patients on the MEMPHIS Plan?
Yes; for information of other doctors who have served on the Plan, call the MEMPHIS Plan offices and we will gladly provide reference information.
Which companies can be used to conduct lab work?

The MEMPHIS Plan uses the following labs and has an agreement with them to donate their services: LabCorp, Midsouth Pathology Group, AEL, and Quest Diagnostics. If you choose to use LabCorp, please provide them with the MEMPHIS Plan account number: 41118905.

For all other labs, please indicate on the requisition form that they are a MEMPHIS Plan participant.

What if the patient requires hospitalization?
The MEMPHIS Plan has agreements with Methodist University Hospital and St. Francis on Park only. Patients are assigned to one of these two hospitals to use for emergency room visits and required surgeries. Should your patient require hospitalization, please send them to the hospital that they are assigned to.
I don’t have my MEMPHIS Plan patient list for this month. How can I retrieve it?
Call 901-272-PLAN and ask for your monthly patient list. We would be happy to send it again.
If there is a patient in my office that says that he/she is on my patient list, but I do not have them on my list, what should I do?
You should call our office and verify that they are not on your list. Every once in a while, a patient may be assigned to a doctor but the doctor’s patient list may not be updated. If you call and verify and they truly are not on your list, they should call our offices and see whose case they actually are on.
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