Healthcare Coverage for Small Businesses and Self-Employed People

Employee Information

For those who qualify, the MEMPHIS Plan offices will assign you (and your dependents, if applicable) to one primary care physician who you will see for a $5 co-pay every time. In addition, you will be assigned to a specific hospital in the case of an emergency, and if you go to the one properly assigned, it will also be only a $5 co-pay.

In the case of needing to see a Specialist, one should make an appointment with their assigned Primary Care Physician and that physician will make the appropriate referral, which will insure that the specialist’s services are also covered under the MEMPHIS Plan. You will find the assigned doctors and hospitals on the letter of enrollment that the MEMPHIS Plan offices will send you, along with your MEMPHIS Plan “card” that comes when you sign up for the Plan.

Criteria for Employees

  • Make no more than 200 percent of the poverty level. As of February 2018, an individual can make no more than $24,280 for a household family size of 1. (Employees with higher incomes may still qualify depending on family size).
  • Work at least 20 hours a week.
  • Work in the state of Tennessee.

Criteria for Self-Employed People

  • Live in Tennessee.
  • Be currently uninsured (no private or governmental insurance coverage).
  • Make no more than 200 percent of the federal poverty level based on family size and income as shown on their federal tax return.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m on the MEMPHIS Plan – now what?
Refer to your enrollment packet and call your assigned doctor to set up an appointment in order to become an established patient.
What’s included in the MEMPHIS Plan?
  • Preventive Health Services – routine health exams, screenings, immunizations
  • Sick Care – Visits to your doctor when you are sick, ER access, same day walk-in clinic access
  • Subspecialty Services – If you have seen your doctor and they have referred you to a subspecialist, the referral must be completed through the MEMPHIS Plan office. When possible, subspecialty care will be provided for a $5 co-pay.
  • Dental Services – Access to dental services at the Church Health Dental Clinic. Fees are based on a sliding scale.
  • Optometry Services – Access to our optometry clinic is available. Fees are billed on a sliding scale.
Who is my doctor?
Check your enrollment packet for information on your assigned doctor’s office and hospital. If you do not currently have the sheet with this information, you should call 901-272-PLAN to request it.
What if I want a different doctor?
If there is a problem with your current doctor, changing is possible, but may take some time to find an opening. Call 901-272-PLAN if this applies to you.
Where do I go in an emergency?
  1. In the case of an emergency, you should find the information that was mailed to you with your MEMPHIS Plan card. Next to the information about doctor you should visit, you will find the hospital to which you have been assigned to go to in an emergency.
  2. If you do not have a life-threatening emergency, then you should go to the Church Health Walk-In Clinic, 1350 Concourse Ave. Access the clinic by entering through the Claybrook entrance at Crosstown Concourse (across from NexAir). To be seen at the clinic, you must arrive at or before 7 am, Monday-Friday.
Can I see a list of MEMPHIS Plan doctors?
We do not provide this information, but we will work to find a doctor that is close to your home or work.
What if I need to go straight to a Specialist (i.e., ortho, gastro, etc.)?

Make an appointment with your doctor and get a referral. If you require urgent care, please visit the emergency room at your assigned hospital or the Church Health walk-in clinic at 1350 Concourse Ave., which takes patients on a first come basis starting at 7am Monday-Friday.

Is pregnancy covered?
No, as it is covered under TennCare. If you become pregnant while on the Plan, the Plan will be terminated for the duration of the pregnancy. One of our representatives will assist you with enrolling in TennCare in order for you to obtain healthcare coverage during your pregnancy. You and your child can come back on the MEMPHIS Plan once the baby is born.
When will I know when the Plan is effective (when will I have access to healthcare)?
If your application is complete and turned in with all necessary documents before the last day of the month, allow one processing enrollment month. The following month, your Plan is effective.
For example: if you complete your application on May 6, your enrollment processing month will be June. Your Plan becomes effective July 1.
Is my prescription covered? Where do I go to fill it?

Free or low-cost prescriptions are available at Good Shepherd Pharmacy, Madison Pharmacy, the Methodist Outpatient Pharmacy, and the Church Health Prescription Program. Click here for complete information. 

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