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For employers, particularly small business owners and those who are self employed, the MEMPHIS Plan provides affordable access to healthcare and is a great option for both you and your employees.

By signing up to offer the MEMPHIS Plan, you can offer your currently uninsured, hardworking employees access to a primary care physician, a place to go in case of a medical emergency, and numerous wide-ranging specialists for only $10 a month (and $40/month for the employee, with the cost rising with additional dependents).

To qualify, employees must work more than 20 hours a week, meet the income requirement (less than 200% of the poverty level), and your business must employ less than 200 eligible participants, be located in the state of Tennessee, and they must not already be covered by any government or private insurance healthcare plan.

To offer the MEMPHIS Plan, employers must:
• Be located in Tennessee.
• Have no more than 200 eligible employees.
• Employers may not drop current insurance coverage to offer the MEMPHIS Plan or allow employees currently covered by insurance to drop their coverage. Employers may offer the MEMPHIS Plan to employees who are unable to afford the insurance provided through the employer or do not qualify.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I acquire employees over time, and I end up having more than 200 eligible participants? Do I have to take everyone off?
Please give our office a call and we will walk you through this process.
Can I (management/ownership) be on the MEMPHIS Plan as well?
If you meet the financial requirements then you too might be eligible for the MEMPHIS Plan. Although, if you are the owner, you will need to fill out a self-employed form and provide your tax return for financial verification.
Can an employee get off their existing healthcare plan to join the MEMPHIS Plan?
No. The Plan is only for those who do not already have access to affordable healthcare.
How much is it per dependent?
After the initial $50, it is $25 per additional dependent, with a $125/month maximum.
Will participants have access to dental and eye care?

Yes. Participants of the MEMPHIS Plan have access to our dental, optometry, and behavioral health services, all on a sliding scale based on income.

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