Patient & Family Advisory Council 

We’re better because of you. 

By sharing your story as a Patient and Family Advisor, you’ll partner with members of our medical, manager and senior leadership teams to make positive meaningful changes and improve patient care.

What is PFAC?

Church Health’s Patient and Family Advisory Council is based on the idea that clinics like Church Health are only able to provide the best healthcare possible by listening to the feedback and opinions of the people they serve: patients and their families.

Church Health is committed to partnering with you to improve all the ways that we interact with patients, whether that be in how we design our space to make it easier to access or in making our educational handouts more useful and easier to understand.

Our patient-centered approach to health care values:

Dignity and respect of patients and their family’s beliefs
Information sharing that is honest, easy to understand, and useful to both clinicians and patients
Collaboration between patients and medical staff to develop useful treatment plans and improve care
Participation of patients, their family members, or caregivers in treatment and decision making

How can I help?

A Patient Family Advisor, or PFA, is a volunteer role that will involve speaking with and getting to know managers, providers, and members of our leadership team. It will also allow you the opportunity to meet with other patients and share your experiences to the people providing your care.

If you would like to be a member of PFAC, please fill out the electronic form on this page.
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