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Frequently Asked Questions
What is the Church Health Scholars program?

The Church Health Scholars Program is a one-year program that aims to provide recent college graduates with thoughtful and thought-provoking work experiences at Church Health, a faith-based organization that serves underserved populations in the Memphis area. Scholars work directly with our providers in one of our clinics or they work in positions that support our staff and community partners. For a complete list of available positions, visit our Who are Scholars page

Who can be a Scholar?

The Scholars program is open to recent four-year college graduates (0-3 years out of college). Scholars come from a variety of backgrounds, but all have an interest in healthcare and are united in serving Memphis’ underserved populations.

When are the application & decision periods?
The application and decision dates change slightly from year to year. Generally, applications open in the fall and decisions are made by mid-spring. Each current year’s application dates will be updated in October. For this year’s dates, see Application and Decision Periods.
What resources & opportunities are available for Scholars?

All Scholars are required to attend most or all Scholar meetings. Scholar meetings are held once a month and may include guest lecturers, team building activities, volunteer projects, hospital visits and more. All Scholars are also invited to participate in the Mentor program and the University of Memphis’ Certificate in Faith and Health academic program.* Overall, Scholars are exposed to a devoted community of healthcare practitioners and professionals who provide innumerable resources in both tangible and intangible forms.

*Certificate in Faith and Health program requires application to and is administered by the University of Memphis; Church Health is not responsible for Scholar participation in the program.

What type of compensation do Scholars receive?
Scholars are compensated the same as full-time staff members of Church Health, receiving an hourly pay for 40 hours per week and a full benefits package that includes health insurance, access to employee assistance programs, and free membership to the Church Health YMCA. Scholars also receive paid vacation days, with the opportunity to earn more through the Church Health Staff Health Program.
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