Church Health Scholars

Program Description

At its core, the Church Health Scholars program is a service learning program for young professionals who are interested in serving the underserved in medical and public health fields. The program aims to promote learning by pairing service-based experiences with academic theory, theology and personal reflection.

There are several components to the program, some of which are optional.

Service & Professional Experience

Scholars serve as full-time employees of Church Health, working as integral members of their respective teams, learning and working with health professionals across the organization and interacting with health seekers and community members.

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Learning Community


A core focus of the program is learning together as part of a learning community. Scholars will meet with other fellows regularly. Meetings will rotate from month to month, with each meeting having its own focus.



Scholars explore our work individually and share their experiences, helping to develop deeper learning and foster personal and professional connections. Ample opportunities are provided to Scholars, including welcome events and social events throughout the year.


Serving the underserved and providing services for the Memphis community is a big task, but we realize we can rise to the occasion by working together with our partners and neighbors. Through service days, Scholars will be exposed to other organizations and their work in order to better understand variables that affect public health and the work being done to better the community.


Learning sessions serve as time for Scholars to learn together. Scholars are expected to attend and participate in a variety of activities, including guest speaker discussions, community panels, professional development workshops, and peer learning discussions.

Mentor Program (Optional)

The Church Health Scholar Mentor Program seeks to further develop Scholars’ social, personal, and/ or professional goals, values, and skills.

For Scholars with a deep interest in learning more about career choices and paths, career guidance, networking, and earning from those currently working in their fields of interest. Scholars are paired with local leaders in a field of the Scholar’s interest, including doctors, researchers, policy makers, administrators, and more.

Certificate in Faith and Health (Optional)

In collaboration with the University of Memphis’ School of Health Studies and Methodist LeBonheur Healthcare’s Center of Excellence in Faith and Health, Church Health has launched the Certificate in Faith and Health Certificate Program. The program is offered and administered through the University of Memphis. As the program is offered to all students of the U of M, Scholars interested in the program should apply and follow instructions found on the University of Memphis website. The Scholars program administration can assist with information. Responsibility for application and participation in the program is solely the responsibility of the Scholar.

Designed to focus on the intersection of faith and health, the certificate program concentrates on providing students with theoretical and practical knowledge in topics relating to public health, healthcare systems and policy, faith based models of care, and the historical context of faith and health. Consisting of four courses, students will take part in two hybrid in-class and on-line courses and two practicum courses over the period of one academic year.

Questions regarding the transfer of certificate credits to graduate programs should be addressed to the University of Memphis and the individual schools to which candidates wish to apply. Different schools have their own guidelines and requirements for transferring credits.

For more information, visit the University of Memphis graduate certificate programs page.

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