Apply to the Church Health Scholars Program

The Church Health Scholars Program has a competitive application process that extends from October to February. An updated application schedule will be posted in October for the upcoming Scholar year. To submit an application, click the Scholars Application link below. To submit a letter of recommendation for a current candidate’s application, select the Letters of Recommendation button.

Review the Application Checklist and Tips section before submitting your application. Incomplete or applications that do not include required materials will be discarded.

Questions? Email us at Please note that due to the high volume of applications, Church Health is unable to return individual emails or phone calls regarding the status of your application.

How to Apply

Application and Decision Periods

The Church Health Scholars Program operates under a rolling deadline. Applications received by February 10 will be given priority consideration. Final date to submit applications is March 30, 2020. Interviews and selections will continue until positions are filled. 

Applications received after the March 30, 2020 deadline will not be considered.  

September 28:  Applications open.

February 10, 2020:  Priority application deadline. Applications must be received by 5 p.m. CST for consideration.

February–May 2020:  Application review and interviews.

May 8, 2020:  Final decisions are made and notifications sent to candidates.

June, 2020:   The 2020-21 Scholars class begin their service year. Start dates may be earlier or later based on individual candidate and area needs. All program activities begin in July.

Application Checklist

  • Do you qualify for Church Health Scholars? Before applying, please read through our requirements on the Who are Scholars? web page to determine if you qualify.
  • Church Health Scholars is a full-time professional service experience. Your application should be professional and well-thought out. 
  • Applicants must provide the following four items in order to be considered for a Scholars position. Applications missing any of these items will not be considered:
    1.  A resume with your work, education and community service experience
    2.  A personal statement detailing your interest in Church Health and your short- and long-term goals
    3.  Two professional and/or academic references. Both reference letters must be uploaded with your application. Family and friends will not be accepted as references.


Resume Tips

  • Contact information is a must! Provide a professional email address and phone number on your resume and application.
  • Your resume should outline your work, education and community service experience.
  • Be sure to share your work, education and community service (volunteer) experience, but also share your interests and hobbies too! Consider including any internship experiences, certifications, language skills, unique skills and hobbies. These additions can help your application stand out during the review process.
  • Have a professor or member of Career Services review your resume before submitting your application.
  • Correct spelling and grammar are important! Proofread all documents before submitting your application.

Personal Statement Instructions

  • Your personal statement should explain your interest in Church Health Scholars, as well as your short-term and long-term career goals.
  • Personal Statements are an important part of our selection process, as they are for many professional and medical schools. Please provide a personal statement of no more than 800 words. Think of a personal statement as your first interview. This is a chance for our selection committee to get to know you, for you to share your intent, your passion, and your aspirations for where you want to go.
  • In no particular order, address the following in your personal statement:
    What lead you to pursue career in healthcare?
    Why Church Health?
    What do you see as your greatest accomplishments and challenges in learning?
  • For more information on personal statements, you can visit here.
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