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Available Positions 

Scholars are assigned tasks specific to the various areas of Church Health including, but not limited to, Referrals, Clinical Assistants, Dental, and The Well.

Successful applicants should be actively preparing for medical school or further study in an associated field. People interested in these positions are typically interested in pursuing a future degree in various healthcare fields, such as medical school, public health, physician assistant, health administration, nursing, physical therapy and more.

Physical Rehabilitation  Assistant

1 Position

ThePhysical RehabilitationScholarwill assist patients with therapist-approved exercises in the gym or treatment area. Apply ice packs, hot packs, electronic muscle stimulation, and ultrasound as advised by therapist. They will assist in teaching a class called “Movement and Balance” on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Additionally, they will schedule appointments for current and new patients, communicate with patients and offices of referring physicians, and manage and organize paperwork in accordance with HIPAA and departmental requirements. People interested in this position are typically interested in: Medical School, Public Health, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy. 

Referral Clinic Assistant

4 Positions

Referral Clinic Assistants are responsible for managing on-site specialty care clinics and scheduling diagnostic tests for Church Health patients. During clinic sessions, Referral Scholars work side-by-side with volunteering sub-specialty physicians. Referral Scholars carry out scribe functions including order entry in the electronic medical record, review of the patients’ histories, and finalizing clinic consult notes. Pre and post visit responsibilities include managing waitlists, scheduling appointments, and document entry in the electronic medical record. Referral Scholars also manage diagnostic test orders. This includes scheduling diagnostic tests, communicating appointment information/ pre-test instruction, and reconciling orders by providing reports to the patient’s primary care provider.  

Optometry Assistant 

1 Position

TheOptometry AssistantScholarwill support the daily activities of the optometryclinicby assisting in scheduling, answering inboxes, and calling and returning patient phone calls. Thepositionwill also provide support by helping with eye exams, tracking optometry data, and assisting with any quality improvement projects within theclinic. Interested applicants should be geared to applying for medical and/or optometry school. 

Health Care Administration Assistant

1 Position

The Healthcare Administration Assistant will be assigned tasks to specific areas of Church Health Integrated Health. Some of these tasks include, but are not limited to, working with the Methodist Outpatient Pharmacy, surgery clinic, data entry and mining, handling in and outgoing mail, as well as, faxes, assisting with note taking in meetings and functions as night clinic scribe. This position will also work closely with the social work, compliance and quality improvement and quality assurance areas. Applicant must be interested and up to date on public health and health administration principles. 

The Well Assistants

2 Positions

The Well Assistants will provide direct services to children and their families. They will help provide high quality programming by researching relevant topics for discussion, attending health fairs, and completing the work of special projects for all of the children the department serves on a daily basis. Successful applicants should have demonstrated experience working with children. People interested in this position are typically interested in: Child Development, Research, Education, Public Health. 

Clinic Assistant

2 Positions

The Clinic Assistant will report directly to the nurse manager. Duties may include assisting with walk-in clinic, clerkship in the pharmacy, answering incoming calls, patient intakes, and scribing during night and Saturday clinics. There will also be administrative duties such as mail and fax distribution, scanning and data entry. 

Dental Assistant

2 Positions

Dental Assistantsare assigned tasks specific to the various areas of Church Health Dental Clinic. Successful applicants should be actively preparing for dental school or further study in another dental field. 

Behavioral Health Assistant

1 Position

To support the daily activities of the behavioral health work area including support for patients, members, behavioral health team members and volunteer/ contract providers. Strong computer and interpersonal skills required. Strong applications should have a demonstrated interest in psychiatry, psychology, social work or counseling.  

Nutrition Hub Assistant

1 Position

The Scholar works under the guidance of the Manager of Nutrition and Wellness Education. This rotation requires the Scholar to speak Spanish fluently, strong interpersonal skills, competence in nutrition background knowledge as well as good organizational and time management skills. The Scholar must be able to meet deadlines and work within a defined time-frame, prioritize tasks/ responsibilities, and concentrate for extended periods of time detailed materials. Duties will include daily management of clinic referrals to the Registered Dietician and EMR reporting, as well as assist the Nutrition Team with community cooking classes and other programming.  

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