Scholars Program Description

At its core, the Church Health Scholars program is a service learning program for young professionals who are interested in serving the underserved in medical and public health fields. The program aims to promote learning by pairing service-based experiences with academic theory, theology and personal reflection.

Service & Professional Experience

Scholars serve as full-time employees of Church Health, working as integral members of their respective teams, learning and working with health professionals across the organization and interacting with patients and community members.

Learning Community

Individuals thrive when they learn together. As part of the Scholar learning community, you will meet with other Scholars and fellows regularly. Learning topics focus on professional development, learning about Church Health services and services, and exploring special topics in faith and health.


Scholars explore Church Health and our work through their own experiences. Through social interaction, Scholars learn from each other’s experiences, deepening learning and fostering personal and professional connections. Several social opportunities are organized for Scholars throughout the year.


At Church Health, we realize health is about more than health care. Through service events and projects, Scholars are exposed to other facets of health care and the work others undertake to address them. Ongoing service events focus on engaging Scholars in Church Health tradition and the broader community.    


Learning sessions are scheduled regularly throughout the year. Scholars are expected to attend and participate in a variety of learning activities, including guest speaker discussions, community panels, professional development workshops, learning about Church Health services and programs and peer learning discussions.

Mentor Program

The Church Health Scholar Mentor Program seeks to further develop Scholars’ social, personal, and/ or professional goals, values, and skills.

For Scholars with a deep interest in learning more about career choices and paths, career guidance, networking, and earning from those currently working in their fields of interest. Scholars are paired with local leaders in a field of the Scholar’s interest, including doctors, researchers, policy makers, administrators and more. 

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