Alex Jin, Scholar (Referrals)
Alex Jin

Alex Jin

Referral Scholar

Hometown: Houston, TX
Undergrad School / Major: Vanderbilt University / Psychology and Medicine, Health, and Society (MHS)

Alex Jin is a Referrals Scholar with Church Health, and he was drawn to this work thanks to believing that everyone has a role to play in care and wants to experience working “behind-the-scenes”. Alex chose Church Health because of its ethos of holistic care, and its dedication to serve disadvantaged populations. Alex recently graduated from Vanderbilt University with B.A. in Psychology and B.A. in Medicine, Health, and Society on the pre-medical track, and his dream specialty is Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R). During college, he was involved primarily in his university’s flagship orientation program, VUcept, welcoming new first-year students to campus. Throughout the semester, as part of VUcept, Alex designed activities that were both engaging and educational, like co-writing and co-directing an informative play on campus issues. Alex was also involved in Vanderbilt’s cultural showcases – most particularly in the East Asian showcase of the Lunar New Year Festival. He is most proud of the mentorships and friendships he has forged through his involvements on campus. Outside of academics and work, he enjoys choreography and dance, not following the rules when baking but making it work, and sightseeing.