Autumn O'Neal, Scholar (Behavioral Health)
Autumn O’Neal

Autumn O’Neal

Behavioral Health Scholar

Hometown: Memphis, TN
Undergrad School / Major: University of Tennessee – Knoxville / Neuroscience

I graduated from UT Knoxville with a major in Neuroscience and a minor in Psychology. This has contributed to my interest in the field of Neurology and Psychiatry. I heard about Church Health through a doctor I used to shadow, and I was eager to apply after hearing all of the good things that the Scholar Program had to offer. I knew that having the opportunity to work for Church Health would help me gain a lot of experience and knowledge in one of the many fields I was interested in. While I was in Knoxville, I had the opportunity to work at a Neuroscience clinic that treated dementia and Alzheimer’s patients. After seeing that side of neuroscience, I was very interested in seeing the behavioral side, which also contributed to my desire to come to Church Health. I am also looking forward to the new people that I will meet during my time here along with the potential friendships that will form

When it comes to my hobbies and interests, I really enjoy traveling whenever I have the chance. I was grateful to have the opportunity to live in Florence, Italy for over 4 months which gave me the opportunity to travel to many places I have never been before. I also love music! I played the trumpet when I was younger and I am currently planning on learning how to play the piano as well!