Julie Christen always tells people how Church Health saved her life more than once.  

It all started when Julie’s depression was misdiagnosed and medications made her terribly sick. At the time, she wasn’t a Church Health patient.  

“I’m not going to throw anyone under the bus, but I was so sick that I physically could not get out of bed,” Julie says. “So I called Church Health and asked to come back even though I had no way to pay.” 

Within 15 minutes of her visit, Julie was evaluated by our professional behavioral health staff and placed on the right medications. It turned out Julie had ADHD, which led to depression, including suicidal ideations. Julie says she loves how Church Health uses the Model for Healthy Living and cares for the whole person.  

“I cannot recommend Church Health enough to folks who are uninsured for whatever reason,” Julie added. “From dental to eye care to everything in between, they take care of it all.”  

Watch our Patient Spotlight Interview with Julie.

At 51, Julie is doing just fine now. She’s an artist and performer at local nursing homes and provides computer support as a virtual assistant. After getting her mental health in order, she had to have her gallbladder removed. Our wonderful partners at Methodist Hospital handled the surgery.  

“Church Health helped me every step of the way,” Julie says. “It took me a long time to get here. I couldn’t have gotten to this head space without Church Health!”  

Having all our services under one roof at Crosstown Concourse allows us to see the whole person and move smoothly between areas of care. Hope and healing happen for Julie and so many others because you choose to transform desperation into dignity with your gifts. 

Thanks for your continued passion for our mission.