Nutrition at Church Health

Why do we eat what we eat? Emotions, habits, traditions, and convenience all play a role. Sometimes we just never learned to cook! The nutrition that comes from healthy food prevents disease and fuels full, active lives. That’s a good reason for all of us to dig in and understand the food we eat. Church Health’s Nutrition Hub provides access, education and training for our patients and neighbors to learn and love to make healthy meals. Bite by bite we will build a healthier community.    


We know developing healthy eating patterns and making smart food choices helps with weight management and lowers the risk for chronic diseases. That’s why Church Health offers our patients education and training through registered dieticians, health coaches and online courses.


Church Health collaborates with partners across the county to ensure all Memphians have access to nutritious foods so they can build healthy bodies and strong minds.

You can make an impact! Here’s how:


Eating healthy doesn’t have to mean giving up all the foods you love. Through our community cooking class, Cook Well, Be Well, we help participants build confidence in the kitchen and make meals that are as nutritious as they are delicious.

Cook Well, Be Well will help you:

  • Learn healthy cooking skills 
  • Become comfortable in the kitchen 
  • Build a healthy meal 
  • Cook on a budget  

Meet Our Nutrition Team

To contact our nutrition hub staff please send an email to

Gabriella Huffstetler, Nutrition Edu Coord.

Nutrition Coordinator

Sheri McKelvie, Nutrition Specialist

Nutrition Coordinator

Kassandra del Real Navarro, Nutrition Specialist

Nutrition Specialist

Kim Boone

Registered Dietitian