Church Health Champions

Church Health Champions are committed, compassionate donors who give monthly to ensure quality health care for those in need, month after month.
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We are called to serve and heal—
and we need your help.

Many of our patients have gone months or even years without basic health care. With your generosity, Church Health can provide patient-centered care that you’d want your mother to receive.

Become a Champion Today.

It’s rewarding.

Becoming a Church Health Champion is a great way to directly impact the community and ensure our doors are open and services available month after month.

It’s convenient.

Serving as a Champion is easier to plan, easier to manage and easier on your budget.

You’ll learn a lot.

We offer Champions unique opportunities for camaraderie and networking. Champions will receive invitations to educational events and special programs.

It’s gratifying.

Champions are recognized on and in our semi-annual newsletter. You’ll also receive monthly updates on Church Health progress, plans, and inspiring stories of the people you helped with your gift.