Becoming a Church Health Patient

At Church Health, we strive to provide health care to all who need it making it easier for our patients to get back to work and have joy and purpose in their lives.

At Church Health we know that hope, health, and healing happen when we consider the whole person. That’s why we connect the dots across faith, medicine, movement, work, emotions, nutrition, and friends and family. Whether caring for our patients or reaching out to the community, we hold high the dignity and worth of each person. 

Requirements for Walk-Ins

For those in need of immediate medical attention, our walk-in clinic opens at 7:00 am and patients are asked to call 901-272-0003 for an appointment. Fees are based on a sliding scale with proof of income. Without proof of income, fees will be $40 for the visit.

Most appointments will be same- or next-day appointments.

Note: Walk-In fees apply only to services provided by Church Health the day of your visit.

Become an Established Patient

As an established patient, you will have access to our medical clinic and our volunteer network including specialty care, local hospitals and diagnostic services that are offered to you on a sliding scale based on your income and family size. Please see details below under How to Register.

You will also have access to our dental, eye and behavioral health clinics as well as counseling and social services.

Registration Requirements

To become an established patient of Church health you will need to call 901-272-0003 and make a new patient appointment. When you come for your first appointment, you will need to bring the following:

Patients pay for services on a sliding scale based on income and family size. Nominal payment range may be from $15 to $40 per visit. Your payment will be determined upon your visits to the clinic.

As a patient of Church Health, you are responsible for the payment of all fees associated with your care.  However, we believe that money, or a lack of money, should never keep you from getting the care you need so all Church Health services are available on an “ability to pay” basis.  This means your income and family size will determine the amount you are asked to pay.  You may also choose to decline providing your financial information to us.  However, by declining, you will not be eligible for income-based discounts, or our volunteer network including specialty care, local hospitals and diagnostic services and you will be responsible for payment of the full fees associated with your care.  

For questions, please call 901-272-0003or 

How to Register

To become an established patient, please fill out and submit the patient form found in the buttons below:

We are experiencing a longer than normal wait time to become an established patient. We are accepting new patients on a very limited basis. 

Please see this list of available clinics in Shelby County that are accepting new patients with no wait time.

MEMPHIS Plan For Small Business and Self-Employed

The MEMPHIS Plan offers comprehensive health care for employees or individuals who are self-employed. Click here to learn more.

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