For Faith Communities

People of faith are essential in our mission to put our faith into practice by caring for one another as we’d all want to be cared for, body and spirit. We invite you to join us as we chart the path forward.

Donate Medical Supplies

We are in need of protective masks and medical supplies. We would be grateful for your donation of the following items.


Please lift up Church Health in prayer so that we may sustain healthy, safe health care workers who provide compassionate care and counsel for our vulnerable uninsured and underserved neighbors.


Volunteers are the lifeblood of Church Health. We’re able to best serve those in-need because of the service provided by congregations like yours that are connected to our mission of hope and healing. Visit our volunteer page. 

Pray for us.

Join our community of faith to pray for the healing and safety of the world, our friends and neighbors, including Church Health patients, and the brave health care teams who are treating the disease. Here are specific ways you can lift us up in prayer.

Make a gift.

Through the generous support of faith communities and organizations, we provide health and prevention services to thousands of hardworking people in Shelby County who lack access to health insurance.

Contact the Church Health Development Team for materials, event support and ideas at 901-272-7170.

Meet for a health ministry consultation.

For more than 30 years, Church Health has helped create and expand health ministries in faith communities throughout Shelby County and the US.

Health Ministry Training & Support

Our Faith Community Engagement team offers a variety of trainings to help you launch or enhance your congregational health ministry. Designed with churches in mind, these workshops, training and events cover topics like cancer, caregiver support, men’s health, healthy parenting, grief and clergy health.