“Eeny, meeny, miny, moe.” Pastor Paul Harden can’t seem to pick his favorite Church Health doctors and dentists. And who can blame him? He tells Dr. Susan Nelson, Dr. Sheila Thomas, Dr. Kirsten McKnight and Dr. Steve Fergus that each one is his favorite.

“All these doctors are great—a true blessing to all of us, and a blessing to Church Health,” says Pastor Harden. “I really appreciate the love and support I’ve been given.”

Pastor Harden knows his health is paramount to his congregation. “COVID-19 has been a struggle, but our church is social distancing and wearing masks, as well as doing regular temperature checks.”

Harden became a patient when he worked in customer service at Kroger. Now he and his wife, Kris, are getting the care they need when they need it.

“The love and concern the Church Health doctors show is different,” Pastor Harden adds. “It’s not about money—it’s about service. I couldn’t ask for better health care.”

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When his teeth were giving him issues, Dr. Fergus was there every step of the way. In fact, he checked on Pastor Harden long after he was healing from oral surgery. He even made personal phone calls to check on Pastor Harden.

“God used Dr. Fergus to help me overcome my fear with dentists. I’m good now because of him and his staff,” Pastor Harden says.

When Pastor Harden’s eyesight became blurry, Dr. McKnight cared for him. When he needed a specialist, she referred him to the Retina Institute for surgery. Unfortunately, Dr. Harden lost his sight in one eye, but diligent care saved his other eye.

“I’ve never seen a place like Church Health,” says Pastor Harden. “From medical care to eye care to dental care, I have the best.”

When you support Church Health, you invest in the dignity of neighbors like Pastor Paul Harden, who lives with joy and vitality because of the care he receives. Thank you!