Watch our Patient Spotlight Interview with Rory

Rory Laster’s chronic pain started 12 years ago when he had a severe epileptic seizure. Epilepsy is a neurological condition in which brain activity becomes abnormal.

On one particular day, a well-meaning bystander tried to help Rory the way many people have an impulse to do—hold down the person who is having a seizure. Sadly, this caused harm. Rory convulsed at length, and the restraint ended up hurting his shoulder.

“I knew the work that had to be done, and Church Health was the place that provided the tools,” Rory said. “Overall, the focus on improving all elements of health is what drew me most to Church Health.”

Rory’s care plan at Church Health included primary care, physical therapy, and surgeries. His hard work with doctors and physical therapists paid off when finally achieved a range of motion of 150 degrees in his injured shoulder.“

Getting to this point was extremely emotional for me,” Rory said. He diligently worked with Gina, one of Church Health’s talented physical therapists, who even helped him push to 180 degrees at one point. That was unthinkable a few years ago.“

It was beautiful!”

What Rory likes most about Church Health is “the generous spirit.” We can offer a generous spirit to Rory—and others like him who need access to multiple levels of care—because of your willingness to help more of our neighbors know the joy of health that leads to flourishing lives. Thank you!

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