It’s not surprising that the staff of Madison Pharmacy at Crosstown Concourse wears matching t-shirts that say, “Peace, Love, Madison Pharmacy.” The pharmacy, owned by pharmacist Rende Bechtel, has been serving Church Health patients since before the move to their Crosstown location. “We’ve been here since the beginning,” says Bechtel. The pharmacy has become a valued partner for all of Church Health’s patients.

“We try to offer a fair price,” she said. “We’d rather give a patient a good cash price than have to deal with insurance,” though they honor plenty of insurance plans.

Because Madison Pharmacy is both a commercial and a compounding pharmacy, they can work with Church Health patients to solve problems and give them as many options as possible. “Whether it’s a delivery system, making something into a liquid for a baby or helping people figure out their dosage, we try to do whatever we can help our patients solve their problems and get the right medicine,” says Bechtel. She has also hired bilingual staff to help the Spanish-speaking patients that come to the pharmacy get the best service possible.

Rende admires the range of services that Church Health offers to patients, especially the cooking classes that can help them prepare healthy food. “We do see people whose medicine decreases,” she said. “I love hearing those successes.”

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