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Marsha and Rodger are proud Memphians through and through. Rodger was born in Memphis,  and they both were raised here. They have been married for 44 years and work alongside each other as a design team for the interiors and exteriors of homes in Memphis. 

Around 30 years ago, Marsha and Rodger ate dinner with a client, and they talked about how difficult it was for them to find affordable insurance as self-employed people. Their client was a volunteer at a new organization called Church Health, which sought to provide uninsured Memphians with quality and affordable health care. With their interest piqued, Marsha and Rodger attended an orientation meeting to learn more about how Church Health worked. Soon after, they became established patients. 

“All these years,” Marsha says, “Church Health has stuck by us.” 

In 2011, Rodger’s left ventricle ruptured, and had a heart attack. Five doctors told Marsha that Rodger wouldn’t make it. But she never lost hope. Dr. Diaz of Sutherland Clinic, who volunteers his time with Church Health, had hope for Rodger too. 

Rodger made it his heart attack, and is completely recovered. He and Marsha still work together as a design team. 

“All aspects of Church Health are just phenomenal,” they said. “All a person has to do is sit there and watch these people come and go to see the need in the community. Church Health meets the need.” 

Your gifts help self-employed people like Rodger and Marsha get access to affordable care so they can focus on using their gifts to create a better Memphis—with joy and dignity. Thank you for making this possible.  

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