Ernesto could have ended up blind,
but now he is able to continue working
and provide for his family.

Ernesto recently celebrated his sixty-seventh birthday. He says that as a life-long diabetic, every birthday is a blessing.

This year, Ernesto was able to see the celebration. Diabetes wreaked havoc on his body, from his eyesight to his teeth, brain function, and so much more. With his diabetes out of control after fleeing Venezuela several years ago, Ernesto turned to Church Health. Glaucoma and cataracts in both of his eyes were so severe that he was unable to drive, and he even fell down the stairs in his own home because he couldn’t see them. “When your body is unhealthy, you can’t think about anything else. Everything is bad.”
With the support of generous donors like you, Church Health was able to operate on both of Ernesto’s eyes, treating glaucoma and extracting cataracts. He now wears a great-looking pair of glasses, and not only can he drive, but he can he see the faces of his wife, daughter, and granddaughter. He says, “I think everything is great about Church Health. Everyone dedicates themselves to serve… They do everything with care and enthusiasm to serve. That is most important.” Ernesto says that with the care he receives from Church Health, he can work a 14-hour day and feel great. Ernesto is overwhelmed with gratitude for your generous, continued support. “I want to thank everyone who has assisted me and my family. I could never repay you. I hope that God blesses you.”

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