Church Health now offers appointments with providers through telehealth. These virtual appointments give you a way to meet face to face with your provider in a convenient and safe wayfrom the comfort of your own homevia computer or mobile device. Telehealth appointments save patients a trip to the clinic.

Telehealth appointments do not replace all in-person visits, but they offer a great way to see your provider, review medications, discuss how you feel and more.

To learn more or schedule a telehealth appointment, please call 901-272-0003

Telehealth FAQs

Telehealth is a system to provide patient care and health services by phone or video chat, instead of in a clinic. For many reasons, patients may not always be able to meet a provider in person. Telehealth is a convenient alternative to offer high-quality services and access to providers for patients who have nonemergency needs or are due for follow-up visits with their doctors.

Church Health has begun to use both video and phone to reach patients in areas including medical, physical rehabilitation, behavioral health, nutrition and health coaching. As telehealth grows across Church Health, we will provide health education, preventative maintenance, and life-saving health services.

  • No need to spend time driving to and from the clinic, parking, taking public transit, or waiting for your appointment.
  • Appointments may be scheduled during a break or after work and from any location you feel offers adequate privacy.
  • Telehealth alleviates pressure to find someone to take care of children or other family members.
  • A Telehealth appointment minimizes your exposure to illness.
  • When you see your provider more easily, you will be on a path to better health!

Telehealth appointments can be appropriate for a majority of primary care visits, wellness visits and check-ups with your provider. Video visits are available for nonemergency medical conditions such as:

  • arthritis, joint pain
  • bladder infection or urinary tract infection (UTI)
  • cold, seasonal allergies, cough or flu
  • cold sores
  • diarrhea or constipation
  • ear problems
  • eye infections
  • gout flare up
  • medication refills
  • mild allergic reaction
  • minor cuts and burns
  • nausea and vomiting
  • sinus infection
  • sore throat or strep
  • skin condition, rash, or insect bites
  • yeast infection or thrush
  1. Download the Zoom app for FREE on any mobile device or computer. The device must have a microphone and camera with the ability to connect to internet or use data (LTE).
  2. Answer reminder call a day before appointment to ensure app has been downloaded
  3. You will then receive a link to enter Zoom meeting with provider at your appointment time.
  4. Find a quiet, private place to talk with your provider. 
  5. Start and test your device a few minutes before your appointment. 
  6. If you have any questions, call 901.272.0003