Week 2

Building A Meal

Let’s get cooking! Take your time to work through these new techniques which apply to many types of ingredients.
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Nutrition Presentation

Watch the Week 2 Nutrition Presentation to learn more about the Mediterranean Diet, including meat, fish and legumes, plus how to use your hand as a portion guide. (12 minutes)
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Knife Skills

Watch the Knife Skills video to learn the some basic knife safety, how to hold and use your knife safely, and how to cut a variety of commonly used ingredients. (20 minutes)
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Measuring Skills

Watch the Measuring Skills video to learn how to accurately measure a variety of wet and dry ingredients.
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Print out and review the following handouts:

Essential Cooking Tools

For the novice cook, getting started in the kitchen can be a daunting challenge, but the task is made more difficult without having the right tools for the job. How do you know what you truly need?

Food Safety

Undercooked or mishandled meat, poultry, egg dishes, and vegetables can become a haven for pathogens that cause foodborne illnesses. Every year thousands of people in the US become ill after eating these foods. Here are some guidelines to help you avoid the risk.

Hand Guide Portion Control

This chart shows portion sizes with easy to remember comparisons using our hand.

Seafood Nutrients

This chart shows the nutrient profiles of several different types of seafood. The rows highlighted in yellow are leaner types. The rows highlighted in green are fattier, but tend to contain higher amounts of omega-3.

Print out and review the following recipes:

These recipes focus on using marinades and sauces to add flavor and using grilling (or sautéing) as a healthier, low-fat cooking technique.

Choose one recipe to cook this week. Each recipe makes at least 8 servings and directions for freezing, where applicable, are included on the recipe. 

Shop for and cook your chosen recipe. Enjoy your recipe creation with family and friends.

Grilled Lemon- Herb Chicken

This quick recipe demonstrates the flavor-boosting power of marinades Nutrition Facts and spotlights an easy, effective grilling technique.

White Sauce

This creamy sauce is the base for many staples, including mac-andcheese, veggie lasagna, and scalloped potatoes. You can substitute plant-based milks, such as soy and almond, according to your taste or dietary needs.

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Building A Meal at Church Health Memphis
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Zip top bags (gallon) (2)
Several bowls
Chef’s knife
Cutting board
Grill pan (or sauté pan)
Liquid measuring cup
Measuring spoons
Meat mallet
Spoon (wooden)
Hot pads
Rubber spatula
Saucepan (non-reactive)

Grilled Vegetable Sandwich

Making vegetables using this technique is an easy way to create a delicious vegetarian entrée that boosts your vegetable intake.

Basil Pesto

“Pesto” means paste. This is an Italian favorite that packs a powerful flavor punch and helps you utilize herbs in a creative way. Prepare this recipe when basil is in season and freeze for use throughout the year. Experiment with different greens like arugula and kale to boost the nutrition and taste.

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Building A Meal at Church Health Memphis
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Several Bowls
Chef’s knife
Cutting board
Grill pan (or sauté pan)
Hot pads
Liquid measuring cup
Measuring spoons
Parchment paper
Pastry brush
Sheet pans
Zip top bag
Box grater
Dry measuring cups
Food processor

Related Skills Videos:

At any time, view a skills video that to learn how to cut or prepare new ingredients in your recipe. Each video is about 30 seconds.


  • Practice your knife skills whenever you cook.
  • Put the Mediterranean Diet — Weekly Goals handout into practice again and see if you can check off more boxes than last week.
  • Cook the second recipe included this week.
  • Review the Nutrition Label on each recipe.
  • Email questions to nutrition@churchhealth.org.
  • Post a photo of you and your recipe creation, tag @churchhealthmemphis on facebook or Instagram

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